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Lease extensions:
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Since the late sixties, we’ve seen several leasehold acts passed by parliament. These aim to protect leasehold property owners and help them extend their lease terms. We can help too, with many years of experience in lease extensions for residents and landlords alike.

Why should you extend your lease?

This is an important question to ask. It can be a daunting exercise, but with the right expertise and knowledge, we can work together to extend your lease and unlock more value in your home.

  • Short leases typically make a home less desirable and, therefore, harder to sell
  • Buyers are nervous about properties with 85 years or less left on the lease
  • A short lease on a home, apartment or flat has a reduced capital value
  • Properties with less than 80 years on their lease term suffer faster depreciation

What next?

If any of the points above relate to your personal property or properties within your portfolio, it’s a good idea to consider extending your lease before it has an adverse effect on the sale or the value of your property. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and landlords navigate lease extensions and all of the processes and paperwork that comes with them. If you think your property would benefit from a lease extension, or you’ve been putting it off for several years already, let’s talk.

Approved chartered surveyor

The John Dean team includes a member of RICS. This is the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, which is a global professional body protecting consumers throughout the property market and ensuring the utmost level of professionalism is employed.

Expert advice

You’ll often hear us saying, ‘Reliability breeds success’. It’s a mantra that we live and breathe at John Dean, taking pride in the expertise that we deliver to our customers. Our unmatched market, legal and leasehold knowledge is something you won’t find at other estate agents.

Accurate valuations

By valuing your property, we can determine the purchase price – a crucial metric when talking about leasehold extensions and considering the overall value of your property. Our valuations are realistic and accurate, and we’ll offer complete transparency throughout the process.

We take care of everything

Perhaps you’ve worked with estate agents who don’t quite cover the full breadth of services you require as a landlord or leaseholder, or they’ve missed minor details that have a major impact. Our ‘no stone unturned’ method ensures that each and every area is taken care of.

I have only used the services of Caroline Appleby (a surveyor at John G Dean) and she has been fantastic. Caroline has been extremely professional, given us superb advice and been a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her services.


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