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Freehold enfranchisement: How we can help

Freehold enfranchisement, sometimes known as collective enfranchisement, is when leaseholders within a building, such as a block of flats or an apartment complex, join together to buy the freehold. This process is covered by the government’s Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act, which protects all parties involved. We are Chartered Surveyors with deep knowledge and understanding of this legislation and the enfranchisement process’s inner workings.

What are the benefits of buying your freehold, or enfranchising?

By owning the freehold, you have greater control over your property and are no longer reliant on the decisions of the landlord or management company. This gives you the power to choose how you maintain, repair or even redevelop your property. This is also an opportunity to extend your lease to a far greater term, adding value and desirability to the property.

How do you qualify for freehold enfranchisement?

Your collective property will qualify for enfranchisement if tenants own two-thirds of the flats or apartments with more than 21 years remaining on their lease. If 50% of residents participate, then the building’s landlord cannot object, and it becomes possible to purchase a freehold.

Expert advice

You’ll often hear us saying, ‘Reliability breeds success’. It’s a mantra that we live and breathe at John Dean, taking pride in the expertise that we deliver to our customers. For example, our unmatched legal, leasehold and freehold knowledge is something you won’t find at other firms.

Accurate valuations

By valuing your property, we can determine the purchase price – a crucial metric when talking about freehold enfranchisement and considering the overall value of your property. Our valuations are realistic and accurate, and we’ll offer complete transparency throughout the process.

We take care of everything

Perhaps you’ve worked with estate agents who don’t quite cover the full breadth of services you require as a tenant, owner or leaseholder, or they’ve missed minor details that have a major impact. Our ‘no stone unturned’ method ensures that each and every area is taken care of.

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We have been using the services of J Dean for 23 years. Throughout this time, the team have been incredibly helpful, supportive and pro-active in all aspects. The team at J Dean always look after our property as if it was their own, and have our interests at heart with great communication. In fact, we have dealt with the same people for many years, which says a lot about the more personal touch one gets with this family business.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Marie & Paul

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